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How To Bang Your Very First Stripper…
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Quick question… Have you ever wished to have sex with an erotic dancer or stripper?

I confess I sure as Hell have wanted to.

I mean, just think about it…

They’ve got these hot smoking bodies most men drool over…

They’re very hyper sexual (meaning they have absolutely NO issues doing ANYTHING you ask them to, and they’ll enjoy and have a fabulous time doing it…)

And they do have loads of cash, so they’re not going to ask you to pay for dinner (in fact, they’re willing and more than glad to spend some of their hard earned money on YOU.)

Now, I always had this thought that picking up a stripper at a club is next to impossible…

But as it turn out to be, they’re actually much EASIER to have sex with than regular girls.

This free video reveals why


See, most dudes don’t even realize this…

But while most regular women (who Julian calls “normies”) are Unique, different and unpredictable…

Most Strippers have a very particular personality type and special pattern of behavior.

For example…

*They are very highly competitive, which makes it easier for you to “play them against one another” and skyrocket your perceived social value…

*They spend their most of their days exploring their sexuality and sensuality, leading to huge amounts of bottled-up sexual frustration (which they are ready to unleash on any dude who knows how…)

*And unlike “normies”, they don’t have strange sexual hang-ups. This means they don’t put out sex until the third date, so you quickly get down to what you REALLY really want and skip the Bull Shit.

It’s very easy to exploit these unique behaviors (and so many more) to have sex with them once you know how…

Julian explains this a lot much better than I do though…

So if you’re even a tad bit curious about exploring the idea of making love to a stripper (and trust me, it’ll be the best sex you’ll ever EVER have), then you should definitely click here right now to watch Julian Foxx’s new free video.

You see, most guys think and have this illusion that you have to be rich for you to go home with a stripper…

But frankly speaking, throwing cash at a stripper will most likely kill your chances of sleeping with her…

Reason being… Every other guy that wants to screw her will tend to do that .She definitely  doesn’t need (or want) a sugar daddy.

And this free video by Julian Foxx will reveal to you how you can actually give her exactly what she yearns and craves for… that’ll make her agree to go home with you the same night… and have the kind of erotic and mind blowing sex that’ll make you divorce your wife without a second thought.  

Click here to watch the free video.

See you there,

Jack Slade


P.S. In Julian’s Video, She reveals a “Domino Effect” that’ll have every hot stripper in the club that night fighting to be the one to have sex with you next.

Word of caution though, This ONLY works with strippers, so if you are having issues with normal hot gorgeous girls begging to have sex with you, then it’s probably best if you don’t watch Julian’s video. 

How To date A Stripper Review Book System pick up strippers Program Julian Foxx Shark

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How To Pick Up Strippers

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